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a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Accident.

What I imagine when someone mentions bike riding in Santorini, is me, in a cute summer dress which flows behind me in the breeze. I ring my bell ‘tinkle tinkle’ as I ride past friends on the beach. I take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet salty air and aromas from the restaurants I pass, and as I exhale I smile, content and peaceful. I hear the song ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head’ in my mind…

Yes, I imagine myself bike riding in the 60s. In reality however, it has been quite different.

I ride at least 30 minutes each day and I have had this bike for three weeks now. It is a great bike with gears, a basket and of course – a bell. I loved my bike up until a few nights ago.

It was late and I had just picked up a Nutella Croissant from the 24hr Bakery and was on my way home. It was windy that night and I didn’t have a jacket so I’d tied a bath towel around my shoulders that I had in a bag of washing I’d picked up earlier that day. I was – of course – wearing my helmet. There have been a lot of comments re: my helmet but I have stayed a firm believer in safety first, whether I’m the only person in Greece who wears one or not.

So there I was peddling away when a huge Easterly gust of wind threatened to topple me over! No, wait, it DID topple me over. I was pushed off my bike landing first on my shoulder then on my back. I did a half roly poly as the bike came crashing down on top of me leaving me sprawled and pinned in the middle of the road at 3am.

First, shock. Then, embarrassment. I was quick to get up, chase my Nutella Croissant and laundry items, stuff them into my basket and move to the side of the road to compose myself.

I remember just before the ‘incident’ I had caught my shadow on a wall as I rode past and with my sturdy helmet and bath towel trailing behind me I thought I looked like a Superhero – or at least a child dressing up as a Superhero.

People believe Superheroes are invincible. Sadly, we are not.



  Bro wrote @

I can soooo see you doing that. Upload some photos of the battle scars.

  ellinikalana wrote @

Yeh, just one problem with that…there arent any. I can show you a small scratch on my hand on skype!

  Roxanne wrote @

soooo funny.
It just goes to show you that buying unhealthy nutella croissants at 3am in the morning is extremely dangerous. Next time buy fruit

  Everybody Loves A First Time | Better Business Better Life wrote @

[…] I discovered my passion for writing when I started a travel blog last year when I was working in Santorini, Greece for the summer. At first it was a way to upload photos and so my family could see the reason I didn’t plan on coming home anytime soon (Greece = Amazing!), however, when I found myself making notes each day and capturing a bit more about what I felt and not just what I did I really started to enjoy it. My favourite post is from this blog and is called ‘The Accident’ and it involves a Superhero-bike-riding-nutella-croissant-catastrophe. You know how you sometimes read stories and you think ‘that can’t be real, how do these unusual events just happen to people?’ Even while it was happening to me I still couldn’t believe it. ( […]

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