Park It. Live It. Love It.

a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Getaway.

All these near-death episodes, the brilliant sun out everyday and the working six hours each night I felt I deserved a little holiday away from my holiday.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Egypt for a week, so I packed up and left – after I was fired from my job because I wanted some time off – with a new suitcase and hardly any money.

Egypt is breathtaking. It is very surreal anywhere you go. We had no immediate plans and had the staff at our hostel arrange a six-day trip for us.

It included; Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, Overnight Camping in the White Desert and the East and West Banks of Luxor. All filled with statues, carvings, tombs, temples, rocks and even mummies.

It was go-go-go the entire time, resting only on overnight trains or five-hour bus trips through eternities of desert.

The Egyptian history I believe is one of the most fascinating in the world. They offered so much to their Gods and had a very dedicated belief system. What is even more incredible is that we are able to see and feel their rich history and culture now. Hats must go off to their architectural and building skills.

The people were lovely – if they weren’t haggling you – and except for Cairo we really enjoyed our stay.

My highlight was seeing an actual Mummy still in the place it was buried – untouched and unhindered by glass or protective measures.

Our guide took us to the Valley of Scribes which is a lesser known valley so there were no tourists at all. We bribed the guard and were allowed to take pictures and videos – if you did this anywhere else and you would be fined a lot of money.

I felt sorry for this Mummy. The reason it was not in a Museum was because they had enough already.

Another highlight was spending the night among billions of stars, camping in the White Desert. Dead quiet, sand stretching out in every direction, a tiny campfire cooking us dinner and the occasional fox creeping up to say hello. Unbelievable.


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