Park It. Live It. Love It.

a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Below Zero.

I’d already been to London twice and had ticked the popular tourist sites off my list, so when a friend and I headed to London for a weekend away I wasn’t expecting to try anything new.

Lucky for me my friend was not about to let me off so easily. She’d done her research and we were off to London’s Ice Bar in most-expensive-property-on-the-Monopoly-board, Mayfair.

The dress code was non-existent as we donned over-sized ponchos with fur-lined hoods  and were herded into the Bar.

As my breath shallowed and my nose was on its way to turning red, my eyes took in the surprisingly small bar.

Surrounded by walls of cool, clean ice with the occasional carving of a (slightly horror-esque) man with a chainsaw, we made our way to the bar for our free drink.

Our pre-mixed cocktail was served in a rectangular glass made of ice. The bar on which we leant against was made of ice. When we needed to roam around to regain feeling in our extremities we passed seats and stools – all made of ice.

The world of Narnia suddenly appeared before me as I grazed next to a lamppost encased in ice and giving out an eery orange glow. Random but somehow fitting in a place you’d probably only visit once but remember for a while. Mr Tumnus never came.

Each session is 40 minutes long (although we didn’t ask what happens if you stay for fourty-one minutes in the -5degree weather) and as the minutes counted down we chatted, took photos and even crashed a group hug to lift our spirits and our heart rates. We attempted dancing but only managed to resemble over-sized penguins waddling from side-to-side.

The last few minutes crawled by and you began to notice that the gloves weren’t all that effective, and the gaping sides of the poncho made me glad I decided to wear stockings and boots. My lips were well numb and I needed a translator to make conversation.

We counted down the remaining 10 seconds with  ‘New Years Eve’ enthusiasm and then finally we emerged into what felt like Summer!

It was a great idea and something a little out of the ordinary, but I believe I will lose sleep over a question my friend put to me – ‘How do they wash the glasses?’


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