Park It. Live It. Love It.

a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Fall(s).

My first two days in the big U.S.of.A certainly set the bar for my remaining two weeks.

A surprise trip to Niagara Falls absolutely took the cake. Having only seen the Falls in movies I did not expect the sheer size and power of the cascading water. And on a beautiful sun-kissed day. We boarded the original ‘Maid of the Mist’, donned plastic ponchos – and yes, I kept mine as a souvineer – and were among the many who were drenched head-to-toe by the famous natural wonder of the world.

Sitting between America and Canada meant I could take in the magnificent beauty from two countries within half an hour. Amazing.

Day Two was the opening of the annual ‘Falls Festival’ in Ellicottville, New York. Streets close and overnight are setup with various stalls filled with food, jewellery and even hand-made Amish furniture. Pubs are full to the brim as are its patrons, full of beer.

As I bustled my way through the crowds I paid attention to what was being served and my heart practically stopped beating just looking at them – pulled pork, kansas chicken, smokey beans and funnel cake – a delicious fried donut dough creation, covered in icing sugar. Just when I thought it was too much to bear, a single stall was graciously serving vegetables – yay! 

Fried Mushroom, Fried Eggplant, Fried Onion, Fried Cauliflower and of course a combo pack if you wanted to get your hearty vegetable requirement all in one go. Only in America.

The local ski resort was open with bands and barbeques and we walked up a 3000ft mountain trail to admire the view whilst munching on a hot dog. Ellicottville is a small town built within mountains and woods and the dense trees and shrubbery beginning their autumn change was just magical.

No words can describe the beauty and variations of reds, pinks, browns, yellows and greens strewn across the mountains as well as lining the streets. I felt sad that I couldn’t capture this stunning scenery with my camera, but also happy and fulfilled that I was able to be part of this season change in a place I had never heard of, in a country I am unfamiliar with. In fact, people from other states actually drive here to witness mother nature at her finest. The locals call them ‘Leaf Peepers’!

The rest of the day consisted of fatty foods, drinking, meeting new people, drinking, dancing, drinking, talking to strangers and getting busted by cops for drinking in the street. I was let off with a warning once they learned I was Australian – the best excuse!

The people were so friendly and just as loud as me and the scenery was vivid and breathtaking. I definitely had Fall Fever and it wasn’t just a sugar rush from the Funnel Cake.

A person who I’d met and had been hanging out with that night bid me farewell with the following – “Well, enjoy America, take care, and…um…what else can I say that’s American…Go F**k Yourself!”

Yes, I’m in!


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