Park It. Live It. Love It.

a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Cross-Country.

Buffalo and Olean, New York State

From Niagara Falls to a local Fall Festival I did play,

Experiencing the changing of the golden autumn leaves every day.

Stuffed myself with brisket, pizza and donuts in the streets,

Spent time with a beautiful family and friends I am glad I did meet.

Bradford, Pennsylvania

Over the years the Zippo Factory has drawn quite a crowd,

Being the only one in the world, to visit it I was proud.

‘What souvineer shall I purchase?’ I did have the desire,

But alas, I do not smoke so saw no need for pocket-fire.

St Louis, Missouri

Our first stop after an exhausting 13 hour drive,

Cooped up in a car it was truely amazing we were still alive.

A ‘Bodies in Motion’ Cadavar exhibit and the Golden Arch – ‘the gateway to the west’,

But honestly, America’s largest Vacuum Museum blew away all the rest.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Firefighters Museum was quite the highlight,

Dalmation dogs riding on the red engines would have been a sight!

I wondered why people do what they do and when will we be alright,

As I shed a tear and said a prayer at the Oklahoma Bombing site.

Alberquerce, New Mexico

Straight through Texas and the desert did rise,

The amount of Casinos in this state was indeed a surprise.

Dry, baron land with lots of ‘are they dead?’ trees,

We only stayed the one night then were gone with the breeze.

Phoenix, Arizona

From desert plain to mountains the scenery change was quick,

We saw a mini-tornado come down from the stormy sky…or was it a trick?

A beautiful city with loads to see and do,

Hundreds of Cactii lining the roads, be careful wont you.

San Diego, California

At last our pilgrimage comes to an end,

I drove through nine states, up hills and over bends.

I enjoyed traditional Mexican – Tomales anyone?

A brilliant road-trip of which I am sad to be done.


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  Big Daddy wrote @

hey chicken…so sweet…but it did bring a tear to my eye as i was hoping you would be next to me to read it in your “posh” British accent:( miss you so much already…

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