Park It. Live It. Love It.

a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Return.

Whilst waiting in line to board my flight home to Sydney I heard the first Aussie accents in way too long. I used the phrase “oh for crying out loud” for the first time in a long time. Queing with my fellow Australians had restored my bogan-esque vernacular and I was loving it.

On the flip side however I felt numb leaving this Northern Hemisphere. Scared, wondering what will I do? What is reality? How will I just slide back in with my family and friends that I have not seen for over five months?

I had been down the Rabbit Hole, had Tea with the Mad Hatter and now had to climb back to civilisation.
I have taken five hour bus rides, eight hour ferry trips, nine hour plane rides, 13 hour car trips and flights ranging from one to 26 hours. It is safe to say I will never get a job that requires international travel. Ever.

I have crossed six time zones and visited seven countries.

I have braved bitterly cold five degree mornings and sunbaked in scorching almost 40degree heat.

I have sampled and loved Moussaka, Gyros, Irish Stew, Texas Hots (fancy hot dog with Greek origins funnily enough), Candied Yams, Hush Puppies, Cornbread, Funnel Cake, Chicken Dumplings, Beef Brisket, Breakfast Burritos and Fish Ceviche.

I have slept in Deserts, on trains, in hostels, in Condos overlooking the sea and in Motels reminiscent of the movie ‘No Vacancy’ where I actually checked the bathroom floor for a trapdoor before I went to bed.

Based on the above alone, how the heck is this ‘coming home’ thing going to work? Ok, the sleeping in a comfortable bed and having hot water readily available is definitely a welcome change, but getting back to ‘normal’ will be a challenge.

I have had an amazing five months but it was time to say good-bye and come back Down Under. My body has been through it all and it was time to rest. I’ve missed my friends and family and now that im back im missing the friends and family who I had overseas – its not fair.

For those of you who have read and enjoyed my blog postings I thank you for your support. This will be the last post concerning my travels (for now) but it will not be the last post I ever write.

What comes next for Lana Hilton?

How the blimey, crikey, flamin’ galah should I know!

Ahh that felt good 🙂


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