Park It. Live It. Love It.

a story of a girl living in the Northern Hemisphere

The Home.

Perissa Santorini is now my home for the next few months. I have a flat, a job, a social life and enough money to get me by.

The Flat – Spacious and airy, two minutes from Perivolos Beach, Tammy and I have a great place for a great price. We had no hot water for four days and no bath towels either but now we are living the life of luxury with 5Euro softness after an afternoon rinse.

My mum sent me photos of the family which I’ve hung proudly on my wall, never forgetting that I am Australian and I have a place to go back to.

The bicycle ride home each night at 2am (after a 24hr Bakery-stop of course, the Greek version of a Kebab after a big night out) is lit by the moon and there is not a soul in sight, only the chirping of crickets as I zoom by.

At one point we have to ride between a canefield which reminds me of Mel Gibson’s “Signs” movie and my peripheral vision is constantly scanning for alien heads peeking out of the tall, rustling canes.

All in all, a beautiful place on a magnificent island – nothing to complain about 🙂


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